Library Staff


IMG_8987.jpg Director - Mara

Mara has been the director at Gutekunst Public Library since 2015.  She has worked in public and school libraries for nearly twenty years.  When she's not hanging out at the library, she loves to cook, garden, and read historical fiction.  She loves dogs and is learning to love cats.


IMG_9010.jpg Assistant Dirctor - Carol

Carol came to the library in 2006 and began serving as the assistant director in 2019. In addition to untangling the daily details of the library, she enjoys crafting, crocheting and a good mystery.  Her all-time favorite book?  Gone with the Wind.


IMG_8979.jpg Children's Librarian - Linda

Linda has been with Gutekunst since 2008.  In addition to sharing a love for early literacy and little people, she loves to sew, craft, read and learn about her family tree.


IMG_8984.jpg Library Clerk - Deb

Deb has been a lifelong patron of Gutekunst Public Library and joined the staff in 2017.  Deb is currently known by some as the "LEGO Lady."  She enjoys reading and appreciates learning about "good reads" from others.


IMG_9001.jpg Library Clerk - Donita

Donita is the newest addition to the Gutekunst family, coming on board in 2019.  When she's not busy helping patrons, she enjoys sewing, is learning watercolor painting, and loves reading psychological thrillers.



IMG_9039.jpg The Queen of Clean - Dani

Dani joined the library family in 2018.  When she's not helping Kay, she likes to knit (in cold weather) and run (in warm weather).  She is a very enthusiastic fan of the Harry Potter series.


IMG_8998.jpg Resident Cat - Rosie

Rosie claimed the library as her home in late 2018.  She plays with our smallest patrons, helps with book processing and supervises yoga and Monday morning coffee.