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Click here for reviews & ratings from other Gutekunst Public Library patrons

Anderson, Reggie - "Appointments with Heaven: True Story of a Country Doctor's Healing Encounters"     5 stars

Backman, Frederick - "Bear Town"    5 stars  "As usual, Backman is the supporter of the 'underdog.'  Great read!"     

Baldacci, David - "TheTarget"      2 stars

Belle, Kimberly - "The Marriage Lie"    5 stars

Belle, Kimberly - "The Ones We Trust"    4 stars

Belle, Kimberly - "The Last Breath"    3 1/2 stars

Brown, Sandra - "Seeing Red"    5 stars   "Did not disappoint!  Usual great read!"

Clothier, Suzanne - "Bones Would Rain from the Sky"    5 stars   “”Bones Would Rain from the Sky” at its base is a dog book to better understand your dogs.  But it goes deeper than that to understand relationships in general to other animals and people.  I found many quotes to ponder over.  On her mother: “She taught her children reasonable caution, but did not limit our lives because of her own fears.  She understood and taught by daily example that a full life is not one described by fear, but one of well-considered risks taken with full enthusiasm and no regrets” (p. 263).  On being in the moment:  “When we hush the noise in our own minds, we remember that life is short and that the connections with those we love are precious; to live most fully, we need to address disconnections and distance between us and those we care about as quickly as we can.  As our dogs remind us every day, now is always the best time to make things right” (p. 117).  So while this book has helped me to understand my dogs better, it has also made me consider why I do the things I do, and to be more forgiving of what other people do.”

Edwards, Elwyn Hartley - "Bitting in Theory and Practice"   "When I started this book I thought it'd be a nice simple little story.  Although short, it turned into a very detailed history of bits, bridles, and confirmation of the horse mouth.  (p.3) "Probably because the fear of sudden death at a headlong gallop can be wonderfully concentrating to the mind, a form of control and restraint appeared early on in our association with both the driven and the ridden horse."  He talks about the teaching of Xenophon (430-355 BC); different cultures and their bits.  He divides bits into five main groups and describes them and their uses.  I found the chapter on Confirmation of the Mouth particularly interesting.  It actually led me to read a book on horse teeth and care."

George, Jean Craighead - "My Side of the Mountain"    5 stars   

Hawkins, Paula - "Into the Water"    5 stars    "Great read!"

Lazebnik, Claire Scovell - "Epic Fail"    5 stars    "This cute little chick flick genre of story was a great rendition of the famous Pride and Prejudice!  It was perfect and set in the modern world, funny and great for teenage readers to relate and learn about Jane Austen's classic love story for the ages!  I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys snark, sarcasm, romance and characters with great chemistry!"

Lipman, Laura - "Wilde Lake"    5 stars

Nelson, Suzanne - "Hot Cocoa Hearts"    4 stars    "Hot Cocoa Hearts is about a girl named Emery who hates Christmas.  The worst part is that her mom and dad LOVE Christmas.  Her dad decorates the entire house with lights, color and sound, this includes the front yard.  Her grandmother and dad started calling it The Holly Jolly House which Emery is super embarrassed by.  She even has to work as an elf in the mall with her dad acting as Santa Claus.  The only thing she looks forward to is her daily visit to the nearby hot cocoa stand where Alejandro Perez, or Alex, talks with her.  He is full of holiday spirit with a smile on his face every day.  After spending a lot of time with Alex she becomes unsure of herself, because her actual crush is Sawyer who hates Christmas.  Emery starts to wonder if she actually still loves Christmas deep inside, but is torn between Sawyer (who discourages her to like Christmas) and Alex (who loves the holidays).  Will Emery embrace the magicalness of Christmas?  Or will she stay the girl who despises the holidays and can't wait for them to be over?  Good for 5th - 7th graders.  I rated this book a 4 because it may not appeal to everyone and it's a little predicatable, but it's till really cute and to helps show the true meaning of Christmas.  Check out any of Suzanne Nelson's other books:  "Donut Go Breaking My Heart," "Macaroons at Midnight," "Cake Pop Crush," and "You'r Bacon Me Crazy.""

Simsion, Graeme - "The Rosie Project"  5 stars    "A delightful book.  I enjoyed the humor, sarcasm and Don's obsessions."

Steel, Danielle - "Against All Odds"    5 stars

Walls, Jeannette - "The Glass Castle"    5 stars  "Awesome true story.  The children are truly survivors."


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